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Retirement and Insomnia

Many Americans spend years preparing for retirement. However, in some cases, the changes associated with retirement can undermine sleep, leading to difficulties with insomnia. Most people spend the majority of their working lives on a relatively consistent schedule. They awaken…

The Hidden Cost of Fatigue in Health Care

As hospitals try to reduce costs, sleep-deprived nurses pose significant and often overlooked costs to workplace efficiency and patient care. Hospitals are losing more than an estimated $2.5 billion annually due to fatigue experienced by nurses nationwide. More than 1.6…

Cures for Insomnia: What to Believe

“Try Aunt Martha’s Special Blend and you’ll get the best sleep of your life!” Are you kidding me? I’m sure Aunt Martha is a wonderful person. Maybe even just being around her or thinking about her has enough soothing qualities…

What, Why, and How of Insomnia

The What Every day, millions of people worldwide suffer from an inability to sleep. Occasional sleeplessness affects half of all Americans. For some, the occurrence of insomnia can be brief and resolved without treatment. However, insomnia becomes chronic for 1…

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