The Ebb Difference

Sleep Safe and Sound

  • Invented by an internationally recognized leader in sleep medicine, Eric Nofzinger, M.D.
  • Based on more than 20 years of brain imaging research and extensive clinical data
  • FDA-cleared for safety and effectiveness, available by prescription1

Put Your Mind At Ease

  • The brain is often overactive in individuals with insomnia
  • Ebb works with your body to gently cool and calm the overactive mind
  • 100% drug-free with no significant side effects

Cool, Calm and Effective

  • Ebb maintains a precise therapeutic temperature to gently cool the forehead and calm racing thoughts
  • In clinical studies, patients reported that their quality of sleep improved, and they felt more alert in the morning
  • Clinically proven to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and to get into deeper sleep

How It Works

  • 1.

    Wear the soft, comfortable Ebb headband on your forehead during the night. You can easily change sleeping positions, and you can remove and replace the headband if you need to get up during the night.

  • 2.

    The headband attaches to an adjustable bedside temperature regulator.

  • 3.

    The Ebb thermal fluid circulates through the forehead pad, keeping your forehead at a constant cool and soothing temperature. You can make small temperature adjustments within the optimal therapeutic range for your comfort.

  • 4.

    Ebb promotes the natural onset of sleep by calming your racing mind. Healthy sleep habits and the ongoing use of Ebb will help your body adjust to a new sleep pattern.

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Over your lifetime, your brain has learned your current sleep patterns. Re-learning a new sleep behavior may take time.


Ebb Insomnia Therapy is designed to facilitate this re-learning. We recommend an initial 2-4 week adjustment period.

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By committing to consistently using Ebb and adopting healthy sleep habits, you can get the sleep you need to take on tomorrow.


Clinical studies funded in part by the National Institutes of Health at multiple independent sleep centers demonstrated that Ebb Insomnia Therapy improved the ability to fall asleep in individuals who had insomnia.

Additionally, patients who tried Ebb Insomnia Therapy reported improved quality of sleep after 30 days of in-home use. They found it was easy to use and wear, creating a calming and comfortable experience.

Ebb has the potential to help millions of Americans get to sleep faster. Experience Ebb Insomnia Therapy for the quality sleep you need to be your best.

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